Care Instructions

Each Jencks Howland piece of jewelry is created with fine materials and great care is taken in how it is made and packaged before it gets to you. All jewelry will tarnish and scratch over time, especially with frequent wear. Here are some ways to keep your jewelry looking beautiful as long as possible. 

Gold plated jewelry is made by putting a layer of gold over another metal. The plating will tarnish and fade over time but steps can be taken to extend the life of your piece. 

To clean the jewelry use a soft jewelry cloth or cotton ball after wearing to remove dust. Do not use a polishing cloth on gold plated jewelry as this can remove the plating over time. Do not clean gold plated jewelry with jewelry cleansers as this is too harsh for the plating.

For a more thorough cleaning. mix warm water with a small about of liquid soap and let the jewelry soak for a few minutes and then gently rub with a soft cloth. 

Do not clean with alcohol, bleach, or antibacterial soap as this can cause jewelry to tarnish.

During the course of wear, do not get the jewelry wet. Always remove rings when washing your hands and pendants and earrings when bathing or swimming. Sweat can cause the metal to tarnish we do not recommended wearing our jewelry if you are working out.

Do not put on perfume or hairspray near the jewelry and wait until after lotions have dried to put jewelry back on. 

When storing your jewelry wrap it in a soft cloth or pouch to prevent scratches and then a ziplock to prevent oxidation from air contact. This is especially important for silver jewelry. Keep jewelry near metals made of the same material - gold with gold, silver with silver. Storing silver and gold jewelry together can cause the jewelry to tarnish. If you have mixed metal hoops and additions, we recommend you store them apart. 

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